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Blüm™ (‘bloom’) was founded as a high quality gum eraser manufacturer in 1936.  Although we have evolved over the years, we remain a family owned business focused on producing high quality products at reasonable prices.

In addition to our erasers and print making blocks, Blüm™ now offers uniquely designed art, school and travel kits, as well as our own line of colored pencils.

Blum’s Colored Pencil Line

High Quality leads – hard enough to resist breakage and soft enough to allow smooth, even strokes with excellent coverage.  Extra-break resistant,  all leads are glued evenly along the entire length of the barrel, providing a strong pencil with superior break resistance.  High quality, light resistant pigments with barrels made from sustainably harvested wood.

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Innovative Kid's Kits Design:

Blüm’s in-house creative team has developed an upscale line of Kid’s Kits, featuring artwork by Tatutina. Kids love the brightly colored, unique, age-appropriate look. Parents love them too, as they offer something new and different while
being functional and encouraging creativity.

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