Colored Pencils

Blum’s Colored Pencil Line

High Quality leads – hard enough to resist breakage and soft enough to allow smooth, even strokes with excellent coverage.  Extra-break resistant,  all leads
are glued evenly along the entire length of the barrel, providing a strong pencil with superior break resistance.  High quality, light resistant pigments with barrels made from sustainably harvested wood.

Bi-Colored Pencils

7 Inches Long

Model # 260-10211 Bi-Colored Pencils

Cardboard box/12 – Bi-colored lead,

24 total colors! Triangular shaped colored pencils. Easy to hold, will not roll. Internal slide tray for easy access and storage.


Junior Series

Fun Size! 3.5 Inches Long

Model #260-10228 Colored Pencils

Cardboard box/12 – Fun-Size - triangular shaped colored pencils. Promotes proper writing grip giving better control for young hands.

Model #260-10235 Colored Jumbo Pencils

Cardboard box/12 – Jumbo, triangular shaped colored pencils, plus free sharpener. Size promotes proper writing grip for early childhood development. Extra thick lead, long lasting, covers large areas smoothly.

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