Kid's Kits

All  Blüm Kid's Kits are constructed of 600 x 300 D polyester, and are durable, functional and portable!


260-10204 Tree Owls

Double Decker Fabric Pencil Case

260-10181 Travel Dog

Double Decker Fabric Pencil Case

260-10198 HaHa

Double Decker Fabric Pencil Case

260-10174 Space Exploration

Double Decker Fabric Pencil Case

Double Decker Fabric Pencil Cases

Featuring Artwork by Tatutina


Single Decker Fabric Pencil Cases

Featuring Artwork by Tatutina


260-10167 Dino

Single Decker Fabric Pencil Case

260-10150 Soccer Dogs

Single Decker Fabric Pencil Case

Plant the seeds of creativity
with Blüm "Kid's Kits"

Our goal is to provide an exceptional line of high quality art and school supplies geared to inspire creativity! Arranged in unique organized kits, parents and kids alike, appreciate the eye-catching designs and quality construction. Featuring artwork by Tatutina, our “Kid’s Kits" are the perfect solution for stimulating creativity at home, school and on the go!

Innovative Design:

Blüm’s in-house creative team has developed an upscale line of Kid’s Kits, featuring artwork by Tatutina. Kids love the brightly colored, unique, age-appropriate look. Parents love them too, as they offer something new and different while being functional and encouraging creativity.

Portable Carrying Case:

Blüm kits enable kids to carry everything they need to stay busy wherever they go. We created the kits for children as young as 3 years old. They contain all of the writing and drawing accessories they need, nicely organized, in a durable case for portability.

High Quality Markers
& Colored Pencils:

Ultra-Washable (no soap needed) markers have tip/nib strength in excess of 20 lbs. and the shelf life of the vibrant ink colors lasts more than 3 years! The pencils are made with brightly colored durable lead. The entire length of the barrel is fortified with glue and made from non-rain forest wood.


Non-Toxic and Harmless. All products are designed for children’s use and conform to ASTM/D4236 requirements.


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