Blum Introduces ‘School Gear’ Kits to Help Parents Save
Time and Money When Shopping for School Supplies

Grade-Appropriate Kits Bundle Items from Teacher Supply Lists
At a Lower Cost than Purchasing them Separately

April 22, 2014 09:59 AM Eastern Daylight Time

NEWBURYPORT, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Blüm, a leading manufacturer of premium arts, crafts and school supplies, today announced that it is introducing Blüm School Gear kits to make shopping for high-quality classroom supplies easier and less expensive while helping students and parents meet the requirements of the ubiquitous teacher supply list.

The kits, with three versions designed for students K-8, will be available nationwide in early July, in time for the back-to-school shopping season, at, and retail stores across the country. With a suggested manufacturer’s retail price of $29.95, all kits will contain the highest quality and most durable school supplies available and will meet or exceed teachers’ guidelines.

Making sure that K-8 students have and maintain the right supplies throughout the school year has long-presented challenges for parents, students and teachers alike. Teacher school supply lists, which are common in most schools across the country, provide parents with guidelines so all students have essentially the same type and quality of supplies for use in the classroom.

However, many parents have difficulty finding all of the items and are often forced to over-spend because many products, such as erasers, scissors and markers, are packaged and sold in large quantities. The Blüm School Gear kits contain most of the common supplies specified by teachers, saving parents time and money. The kits also help students keep their supplies organized with specially designed storage areas, like a toolbox. This feature is especially important to teachers because students often have to hunt for supplies in their backpacks as they transition from one activity to another, wasting valuable classroom time.

Robert Thompson, President of Blüm, said, “We developed the idea for a school kit from our own experiences of back-to-school shopping with our children. Like other parents, we found ourselves in multiple aisles – and many times in multiple stores – to find all of the supplies for each child. Due to the bulk packaging, we were often forced to buy more than we needed and a lot of it ended up in the kitchen junk drawer for years. The entire process was time-consuming and expensive, and we wanted to find a way to help busy parents.”

The kits, made of durable 420D Dobby Nylon and available in four colors, are customized to meet the needs of each grade level. The K-1 kits, for example, include a total of 45 items, including a white board for quick reminders, a plastic sharpener, a glue stick, a pink wedge eraser/lead protector, pencils, scissors and crayons. The 2-4 kits and 5-8 kits contain 52 items and 41 items, respectively, all of which are drawn from teachers’ school supply lists for those grades.

About Blüm

Blüm (pronounced “bloom”) is the flagship brand of the Blumberg Company, which was founded as a high quality gum eraser manufacturer in 1936. Although Blumberg has evolved over the years, it remains a family owned business focused on producing high quality products at reasonable prices. In addition to the Blüm School Gear kits, Blumberg manufactures Blüm art and travel kits as well as erasers, print making blocks and its own line of colored pencils. Blumberg is also the exclusive distributor of high quality art products manufactured in Italy by Carioca.


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